Troubadours on Trek

TOS 1-Pilot, "The Cage," with Rachel Laven

Episode Summary

Award-winning Texas singer-songwriter Rachel Laven talks transatlantic adventure, life in the age of COVID-19, and family matters. We review Star Trek (the Original Series), Season 1, Episode 0 (the unaired original pilot), "The Cage." Topics include: cages, both real and imagined, the history of Star Trek's first, unaired pilot, Star Trek's impact on society, women on the bridge, and Majel Barrett's enduring legacy, as evidenced by smooth-voiced female computers everywhere.

Episode Notes

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Here's a link to the official Troubadours on Trek Spotify Playlist, where you can hear all the featured songs from every episode in one playlist (songs will be added as episodes air on Patreon):

-Rachel's song pairing for this episode: "Ain't No Rest for the Wicked," by Cage the Elephant.

-Grace's song pairing for this episode: "Pure Imagination," by Gene Wilder.

-Rachel Laven featured song: "Heels"

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